Breeze 20 is an extremely user-friendly luxury boat offering effortless sailing without compromise to functionality, comfort, or performance. The clever layout is designed around the central picnic table which transform into a massive sunbed meanwhile other functionalities like the flipping pilot backrest, massive storage rooms, integrated fridge and hidden bimini top gives high flexibility to adapt the boat for your needs on the go.


Because of Breeze 20’s extraordinary efficiency it’s perfect for electric propulsion, especially if your primarily sail locations are lakes or city canals and harbors. Here electric propulsion will not only give you the advantages of low maintenance, silent motor, and zero fumes. It will also futureproof you as many of these areas are starting to ban traditional propulsion. Even though the electric Breeze 20 doesn’t offer planning speed you will be able to sail up to 20 hours on a full battery, with a 4 knots average cruising speed and a 10 knots top speed.


The traditional engine gives Breeze 20 the power to navigate any waters. The 115 HP Outboard Petrol engine provides a topspeed of 30+ knots so it can easily be used for planning speed and watersports. Because of RAND’s simple boating philosophy, this version of Breeze 20 is perfect for first-time boat buyers or captains who wants an effortless and easy luxury boat fitting for all environments and experiences.

Techninė specifikacija

Electric or Petrol

Fits 8 people


Hull length


Hull width



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