Pershing 5X

Pershing as fast as a powerboat, but as comfortable and spacious as a motoryacht.

A jewel of beauty, technology and functionality.

For the delight of who may have tested the yachts over the years, here are a few technological innovations that left their mark on the global yachting industry:

- the surface propellers that ensure outstanding performance in all conditions;
- the gas turbines developed in the aeronautical industry that are able to develop over 5100 hp of power with central water jet propulsion. Their use demands accessories, mechanical parts and technologies that are integrated in the entire system, including, for example, titanium exhaust systems, special shafts and gearboxes;
- the particular fold-away glass door consisting of two independent sections fitted with electro-hydraulic actuators; it can slide towards a central module that lowers to the floor so the exterior and interior can be joined to form a single environment that extends from the wheelhouse to the aft sundeck;
- the anchor chain airbag that prevents the chain from possibly becoming entangled, essential to achieving maximum convenience when anchoring;
- the computerised cutting of the fibreglass fabrics that, unlike manual operations, guarantees utmost precision when manufacturing the product;
- the dual movement hard top that, like a sunroof, slides over both the lounge and cockpit so that the cockpit can be be open air or covered;
- the AUTOTRIM system, developed by the Engineering Department in collaboration with the Group’s main technical partners, for optimising and automatically adjusting trim or rpm and flaps to the various load conditions by using special algorithms.

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