Marine 500 Family

Best selling and medium-sized model of the Family range from 2018 is perfect for family water relaxation. Plenty of space on the deck allows throwing picnics, sunbathing and many other free time activities. Excellent riding features are as if meant to be for water sports like water skiing.

Techninė specifikacija

Length   5,00 m

Beam   1,85 m

Height   0,75 m

Weight   315 kg

Max. weight cap.   675 kg

Max. person cap.   6

Max. engine   60 HP

Max. engine weight   125 kg

Trason (outboards)   L

Aluminium thickness-Bottom   2,0 mm

Aluminium thickness-Side   1,6 mm

No. of ribs   13

No. of keels   5

Category   C

Teirautis Marine 500 Family

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