Amata 300

It is lightweight, compact boat for fishing, hunting, hiking and walking in inland waters and rivers. The boat has good stability and manoeuvrability. The boat consists of 2 isolated compartments. Inflatable boat bottom gives extra insulated compartment, buoyancy, and also serves as insulation. Advantages of models: lightweight, quick build boats, compact package allows you to take the boat in any hike. Once assembled, the boat fits in a bag that can easily be placed in car trunk.

Techninė specifikacija

Technical specifications: Length, m 3.00 Width, m 1.25 Inside length, m 2.25 Inside width, m 0.53 Balloon`s diameter, m 0.36 Number of collectors 3 Number of people 2 Tonnage, kg 300 Set weight, kg 25 Package dimensions 1.00×0.40×0.40 Motor engine kw/hp —— Completion: Boat 1 p. Air – pump 1 p. Oar 2 p. Repai set 1 p. Bag for boat 1 p. Chair 2 p.

Teirautis Amata 300

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