Axopar 28 AC

We drive our development work of our newest project even further to provide You with an entirely new boating experience. To produce a boat that is lighter, more fuel efficient and more affordable than ever before is achieved by rethinking the way we produce our boats.

We set to challenge ourselves to come up with something totally different, something that is instantly recognizable on the water, fresh in design combined with safety, ease of use and versatility. We proudly present to You the most talked about new Finnish premium motorboat range, the Axopar 28.

Techninė specifikacija

Overall Length (excl. Engine) 8,60 m (28ft 3in) Overall Length incl. Bathing Platforms 8,99 m (29ft 6in) Beam 2,85 m (9ft 4in) Height (Waterline to Roof incl. Light Mast) 2,75 m (9ft 1in) Draft to props 0,75 m (2ft 6in) Weigth (excl. Engine) 1790 kg (3945lbs) Passengers 8 persons Berths 4 persons, 2+2 Fuel capacity 260 l (68,70 gal) Construction GRP Classification C – Coastal Max speed range 36–46 kts Outboard engines 150 – 350 hp Fuel consumption, cruise 1.35 l / nm (250 hp @ 26 knots) Hull design Twin stepped 22 degree V “Sharp entry hull”

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