It is what petrol engines can not be:

  • 3 in 1 - variable operating voltage 24/36/48V for all models
  • silent (no transmission) - motor rotates min. 2000 rpm without load
  • simple to operate
  • light aluminium construction (whole body)
  • low maintenance
  • very low operating costs
  • dependable
  • ecologically friendly
  • stainless steel screw propeller

This is a list of its other features and interesting qualities:

  • the most effective and fastest suspended electromotor in the present world
  • half energy consumption comparing with other DC electro-motors
  • engine efficiency 89% (brushless - propulsion)
  • high torque
  • motor without transmission (no overheating problem)
  • possibility of combining with solar panels
  • electronic control of the engine
  • continuous speed regulation forward and backward
  • electronic key automatically switches off the engine in the case of driver’s fall overboard and protects the engine from non-authorized use
  • large graphical lighted display

Techninė specifikacija

Engine model

KARVIN 4500 L type W - long shaft

Amp hour rating. min. 100 Ah battery
Battery voltage 24V / 36V / 48V
Input power in kW 4.5
Output power in kW 4
Engine efficiency 89%
Direct-drive (no transmission) yes
RPM max. in load depends on voltage 900 / 1200 / 1500
Comparable petrol outboards in HP (thrust) depends on voltage 8 / 12 / 16
Power max. kW/HP 4 / 5.4
Static thrust in lbs 295
Tensile force [kg] 134
Torque 47 Nm
Shaft length Long L (510 mm)
Continuous regulation Yes
Forward and Reverse Yes
Engine weight 25.5 kg
Electronics Electronic control + Electronic Safety Key
Propeller Stainless steel propeller


Teirautis KARVIN 4500 L TYPE W - LONG SHAFT - 16HP

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