Švedų kompanija, gaminanti laivus nuo 1966 m, per visus metus ištobilinusi laivų gamybos ypatybes ir galinti pasiūlyti aukščiausios kokybės gaminius.

Techninė specifikacija

Length 451 cm
Width 175 cm
Weight 227 kg
Weight with max engineweight 372 kg
Freeboard height 50 cm
Interior height 54 cm
Depth of hull 73 cm
Hull thickness 2.0 mm
Hull angle
Rec. motor 20-30 hp (14-23 kW)
Max power 30 hp (23 kW)
Control cable length 1.80 m
Steering cable length 2.40 m
Outboard length Long
Max load 465 kg
Max number of persons 4
CE marked for category For coastal land inland waters
Approved bow eye Insurance class rating 3
Certified by Secure Mark Yes
Certified by DNV Yes

Teirautis SPORTSMAN 445 MAX

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