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The vessel - designed for multiple use

Buster X "is the most versatile ship in size. Thanks to its removable interior components, it can be changed from pleasure craft to transport the vessel. Box-seat storage function can be maintained or patrauktos if necessary.

The design of X Buster, special attention was paid to fuel efficiency and suitability of the vessel, combined with less power. With its unique driving characteristics of the X Buster guarantee a safe return home, even under extreme shipping conditions.

Buster X entered in the range of products in 2006.

Technical specifications

Ilgis 5,25 m Plotis 2,01 m Svoris 480 kg Rekomenduojama variklio 80 AG Kuro bako talpa 72 litrai Sėdimų vietų skaičius 7 Kategorija C


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