Raft 360

Due to the large size and the diameter of the cylinders, raft has high buoyancy and sinking. This allows it to easily pass some serious rapids. Reliability and security in the alloy on fast mountain rivers is in the first place, so the main tank is divided into two compartments, each of them is inflated through a separate valve. This ensures that the raft will be afloat, no matter what happens. Inflatable boat bottom gives extra insulated compartment, buoyancy, and also serves as thermal insulation

This model is performed in two versions both with movable seats with inflatable and banks.

Techninė specifikacija

Technical specifications: Length, m 3.60 Width, m 1.72 Inside length, m 2.70 Inside width, m 0.82 Balloon`s diameter, m 0.45 Number of collectors 3 Number of people 6 Tonnage, kg 700 Set weight, kg 38 Package dimensions 1.15×0.45×0.40 Motor engine kw/hp 1.6/2.2 Completion: Boat 1 p. Air – pump 1 p. Oar 4 p. Repai set 1 p. Bag for boat 1 p. Chair 2 p.

Teirautis Raft 360

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